Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Container Gardening

Whether you are looking for a low-maintenance garden, have little space or no planting area (such as a second-story condo,) then container gardening may be the best option for your gardening needs.Container gardens are usually more simple then in-ground gardens; flower or produce gardens alike. Container gardens can be arranged in a beautiful, creative way that will allow you to spruce up in lawn, deck, balcony or any other area that may need a touch of color.

Container Gardening is a very easy method for gardening in tight places. It's attractive, simple and very easy to complete. For some great ideas check out Container Gardening.

How to Grow Beautiful Roses

With Spring vastly approaching, the rose growing season is just around the corner. I have put together several rose tips, including how to grow roses, propagating roses, fertilizing, pruning, etc in a great lens called How to Grow Beautiful Roses .

In addition to great information about growing roses, I have also listed my own personal rose collection. Take a minute and check it out! You will love the pictures, tips and everything else listed!

A Novice Gardener With a Dream

I decided to create this blog to keep up with my gardening information. As a novice gardener myself, I sometimes have trouble finding advice, the best methods, how-to's and other gardening info that I generally need or would like to know, therefore I have decided to create a gardening journal to track my progress and share my findings with others! Please feel free to post your comments and share your advice on individual subjects that you may know about.

My gardening passion is roses. I enjoy growing all types of flowers including crotons, coleus and just about anything else. However, my main focus is my roses. I have an niche for them and plan on hybridizing and hopefully coming up with a few new roses of my own. I will be tracking my rose hybrids in a blog of their own but I will be updating info here as well.